Soaring The Sky Guests:


Crash Landing? (ep.38)

On this episode our guest pilot shares with us some adventures of cross country flying out of the Minnesota Soaring Club . On one of his flights he has to explain that he did not crash ! Join us now for another soaring adventure and some great lessons on flying and great advice how to fly safer ! Now on episode 38 of Soaring The Sky ! Episode 38


Soaring Italy (ep.37)

On this Episode we find ourselves in the Italian countryside just outside of Rome Italy to talk to our Guest. He has over 400 hours in his logbook and makes his way to the gliderport whenever he gets the chance to fly. He shares with us his story and why he chose to fly gliders. later we will also hear from some of you the listener. Join us now for another high flying soaring adventure on Soaring the Sky ! Episode 37


High Altitude Soaring And OLC Events (ep.36)

On this episode we find out the adventures that happen flying high altitudes and what is needed to fly in those conditions as we talk with Miguel, one of the pilots from Perlan and get a update on the events in Argentina this summer. Later we learn about some OLC events that is a bit different then flying your usual contest with our friend Bruno Vassel. And on this episode we hear from some of you that have checked in with us listening from all over the globe. All this now on Soaring The Sky ! Episode 36


The Air And A Pair Of Wings : Luca Bertossio (ep.35)

Today on the Podcast Luca Bertossio joins Chuck to tell us how his adventure started. At 29 Luca already has accumulated over 3,000 hours in his logbook and has over 3,500 Aerobatic flights ! He also has over 900 hours PPl in power. Luca has won several FAI Medals and is also a pilot with the Red Bull Airshow ! Luca is also a Aerobatics Flight instructor.  Join us now as we hear this exciting journey on Soaring the Sky !


Soaring The Best In The East And West (ep.34)

On this episode we go Soaring with a gentleman from Pittsburgh PA with an interesting history in aviation as he takes us along on a few flights in the West over some amazing places to soar. He also shares with us his adventures in the East on the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains flying hundreds of miles. Join us for now for another exciting adventure here on Soaring The Sky ! 


From The Chair To The Air (ep.33)

Today We join a gentleman that is disabled but still found a way to leave his wheelchair and fly gliders ! We chat with him and his instructor on location in the Appalachian mountains and learn how it can be done. He also shares with us his inspiration for flying and how his aviation story started. If you want to know more about flying while disabled check out  Join us now for this amazing story on Soaring The Sky ! Episode 33. 


The Art of Soaring (ep.32)

We head to Denmark on this episode and meet a Artist and Glider Pilot Andreas Monty Freddie. Like most of us he fell in love with aviation as a child but it was not until a couple years ago that he discovered gliders and just a few weeks ago received his glider private pilots license ! Andreas has a Bachelors degree in visual storytelling and has worked as a independent artist since 2009. He loves flying, spending time with his wife and three children and drawing. To see his artwork check out his Instagram. Join me now to hear his Aviation Adventure on Soaring The Sky !


A Pioneer Of Soaring (ep.31)

Gary Kemp Joins us this week from Arizona, a glider pilot with 40 years of soaring and 4,000 hours in the cockpit ! He is a true pioneer of soaring and helped start Central California Clubs annual spring contest. He also helped open a soaring club in Parowan Utah. Gary was the first person to fly a 1000k in the state of Utah ! When he started flying gliders there were no glide computers, electronic varios, ect. On one flight he flew a 500k with no vario at all ! Gary is also the author of the soaring book Finish Every Task. Join us on this exciting journey as Gary takes us along on his 40 year adventure Soaring The Sky !


Three Hours In (ep. 30)

  On This Episode we head to England to talk with a new glider student who after years working around aviation has started his journey to Soar in Gliders. John Pickard started his interest long ago and shares why he is just now learning to fly and after just three hours of training can't wait for his next flight. Today we also bring you a bonus and check back with Clemens Ceipek about his recent flight over the Continental Divide for his Diamond badge ! All this today on Soaring The Sky episode 30! 


Turnpoints & Cloud Streets (ep. 29)

In this episode we join Jim Zombakis as he takes us on a journey Soaring in his first competition. He talks about the very important things you learn in your first race and how to have fun and stay safe while still being competitive. Jim is a powered Aviator as well as a Glider pilot. He also has his Silver badge completing all three requirements in one flight ! Also on this episode hear how Jim discovered Soaring and how he ended up landing out in a crop field. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky episode 29! 


Gliding Open House (ep. 28)

On this episode we hit the road to Fairfield, PA for the Mid Atlantic Soaring group's open house. A full day of Soaring, Seminars, Music and Great Food. We chat with various people at different skill levels during a beautiful day of soaring. It's days like these that help introduce soaring to the community and keep the sport growing. On this episode we hear from Rich a flight instructor, Larry a student Pilot, Cheri from California, as well as Amy & Will who are first time flyers to the sport... launching episode 28 of Soaring the Sky!   


Cross Country & Buying Your First Glider (ep. 27)

 On this episode we catch up with two guest pilots. Chris from Richmond Virginia has completed his first cross country flight and later in the episode Joe from Southern California gives his personal tips about the process of buying his first glider and his recent transition from double to a single-seater. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky episode 27! 


Soaring with the Schweizer Family (ep. 26)

 On this episode Paul Schweizer, of Schweizer aircraft, joins the podcast to share his personal journey and family story of how his father and two uncles taught themselves how to fly and how they started the Schweizer Aircraft company. He shares his personal experience soaring and nuances of the gliders that so many of us have trained in. Join us now to hear this exciting and interesting story about the Schweizer family and how it all started, now on episode 26 of Soaring The Sky! 


A Lady Aviators Journey In Soaring (ep. 25)

 On this episode Mary Rust Joins Chuck to tell her story that began flying with her father in a J3 Cub over the corn fields of South Dakota. She later started her training in gliders out of a glider port in California. Mary is a member of the Woman's Soaring Pilot's Association to educate and promote woman in aviation and soaring. She has flown all over the world including flying among the Alps in Slovenia and many other parts of the world. One of her flights included a high altitude adventure in a 1-26 with military aircraft around her. Join us now to hear her adventure Soaring The Sky ! 


Cross Country Solo @ 14! : Oshkosh 2019 (ep. 24)

Join us on this episode as we hit the road and talk with a young pilot who through soaring was able to cross country solo at the age of 14, flying from California to maine! Meet Riley Speidel and her father as they talk to Chuck on location at Oshkosh Airventure 2019 during the 50th Anniversary celebration. We sat down under the wing of her glider for this one. Don't miss her exciting story on episode 24 of Soaring The Sky !


From The 2-33 To The First Lady (ep. 23)

 In this episode Rob Crone talks to Chuck about his aviation journey. Rob tells us how during a flight with his mother immigrating to this country from Germany the Captain announced that Apollo 11 had just landed on the moon. That moment gave him his inspiration to fly. Join us now as he shares with us his journey to the Air Force and his many adventures that followed.
Join us now for episode 23 on Soaring The Sky ! 


Soaring Onto The Silver Screen (ep. 22)

 On this episode the pilot who flew for the Hollywood film, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jason Stephens, owner of Arizona Soaring - the largest glider school in the USA - talks with Chuck about his aviation career and many adventures. Jason is a CFI-G SEL/MEL pilot, had his first solo flight in a glider at the age of 14, and by the age of 21 Jason was teaching glider aerobatics professionally. Currently he is currently a 6-time National Aerobatic Champion, and has competed and placed in the World Glider Aerobatic Championships. He  shares with us his many adventures with us including stories from shooting with the Hollywood hit movie, Fifty Shades Of Grey!  


A Hangar Full Of History (ep. 21)

  In this episode we take the studio on the road to a grass strip and hangar in Western Maryland where we find Bob Armstrong a second generation aviator and his fully restored Schweizer SGU 1-19. He shares with us his adventures flying this aircraft over Oshkosh ! where it won Grand Champion Vintage glider in 1998. He also shows us thru his hangar as he shares with us other adventures and aircraft he and his father restored. To see pictures of Bob and his aircraft go to  Join us now to hear his story as we sit down on a calm rainy afternoon in the appalacian mountains in his Hangar Full of History on Soaring The Sky.  


The Wings Of A Champion : Sabastian Kawa (ep. 20)

 On this episode Sabastian Kawa from southern Poland Joins us to tell his story. He holds 31 medals in World and European competitions and is the most titled glider pilot in history! He is a second generation glider pilot and is also known for his book "Sky Full of Heat". His achievements include the first in history to ascent in engineless flight over the Himalayas and the Caucasus Mountains and flying in wave in the Ukrainian Gorgan mountains.  Sabastion shares with us that very memorable flight in wave over the Himalayas. Join us now to hear more of his story ,advice and future goals on Soaring The Sky !  


Just Add Water (ep. 19)

 On this episode a glider pilot from Southern Germany, Markus Volter shares with us his adventures flying over the black forest, the Alps of Germany and the Alpine regions of France. He also explains the importance of water in cross country soaring for the pilot & the glider. He shares with us a interesting flight he had this year in a once in a lifetime experience. I have included a link to his podcast here is a other link markus wanted to share with you Join us now for episode 19 ! 


Flip of the Coin (ep. 18)

 In this episode meet Keith Chandler a glider pilot and instructor from the United Kingdom who has logged over 2,500 launches and has over 1,200 hours in sailplanes. He also incorporates his glider flights while he is on holiday and has flown all over the globe. Just one of the stories he shares with us in this episode involves a bird strike in a thermal over Africa. I have included some links here of youtube videos Keith is sharing with you. Enjoy episode 18 now on Soaring The Sky ! 


Ground School, Rope Breaks & Solo Flights (ep. 17)

 In this episode we talk with Wendy Carson a school teacher in New Mexico flying with Sundance Aviation about her journey to get her wings. Wendy also talks with Chuck about woman in aviation and the current opportunities they have in today's world. She also shares with us her own way she is sharing aviation with her students as well as her stories in the air. Join us now for episode 17 on Soaring the sky !  


Soaring Fast in Open Class (ep. 16)

  In this episode Chuck talks with Thomas Greenhill, a glider pilot out of northern California. Thomas enjoys flying contest and hopes to fly in the world gliding championships by his 25th birthday. Flying over the pacific at 10,000 feet ? listen to this episode to hear the rest of that story. He also has been bringing other young pilots and others that want to learn how to soar together through social media in slack. To join his slack channel click here. You can also watch his Youtube channel called Tango Soaring. Join us now to hear his story !  


Nick Anderson, a lifetime of aviation (ep.15)

  Today we cross the great Atlantic ocean to the English countryside to chat with Captain Nick Anderson a pilot who first learned to fly gliders at a very young age. Nick went on to fly with the royal air force and then later flew the airbus A340, A330 and A300 for Virgin Atlantic as well as many other aircraft you will hear about in this episode. Nick is also a podcaster where he enjoys being a co host on The airline pilot guy show. Nick also has his own podcast as well called Plane tales. you can find both podcast at  to see pictures of Nick and some of the aircraft he has flown log onto and click on our guest pilot page. We hope you enjoy this exciting episode! now! on Soaring The Sky !  


Learning to Soar above the Alps (ep.14)


On this episode Chuck talks to Clemens Ceipek a glider pilot who grew up learning to fly in the Austria Alps. Check out Clemens blog at & on twitter @chessintheair

Join us now as we listen to his adventures soaring the sky!


Bruno Vassel Interview (ep. 13)

  On this episode we chat with Bruno Vassel, a gentleman you may know from his popular soaring videos on youtube. He has been on the weather channel and recently a part of SSA webinars. Bruno has competed in and hosted sailplane competitions. He loves to share his love of soaring and talks with Chuck about his aviation journey and adventures in the air. Check out his youtube channel  and our exclusive chat with Bruno Vassel on episode 13 of Soaring the sky ! 


I need more G’s! : An aerobatic pilots story (ep.12)

Today we jump in the cockpit with an aerobatic pilot Laura Radigan as she walks us through a day in the life of a aerobatic pilot. Laura has her powered license as well as her glider license. She has a power glider rating as well as a seaplane rating. Laura has competed in the nationals and will be soon competing in the World Aerobatic competition. Join us now for episode 12 on soaring The Sky !


Adventures and finding a way to fly (ep.11)

 Today we find ourselves near the southern edge of the Mendocino mountains in northern California. Ted Reynolds talks to us about his journey to soaring and some of his adventures in the air. Join us now for episode 11 on Soaring the sky !


Falling from the sky to soaring... (ep.10)

 In this episode, Chuck talks to Mike Pilert who has been jumping out of airplanes for over 48 years. Mike jumped into aviation with sport parachuting and then made his way to powered and sailplanes. Join us now for his story on episode ten, Soaring the sky ! 


Third generation pilot: Olivia's Story (ep.9)

 Join Us as we talk to a young lady that is following in her Grandfather and fathers footsteps. She is a  power rated pilot as well as a glider pilot that loves everything about flying. Olivia shares her stories with us now on soaring the sky! 


Perlan II Project pilot interview (ep.8)

On this episode, we sit down with Miguel Iturmendi, a test pilot with the Perlan II Project, as he shares his soaring adventures. Sit back and enjoy his story as we soar to new heights on Soaring The Sky. 

40 minutes 


Soaring thru the lens of a glider pilot (ep.7)

Meet Joe Capra, a power rated-pilot as well as a glider pilot and time-lapse photographer. Joe's work has been seen on National Geographic and other prominent programs. Joe shares his story behind the lens and under the canopy, from taking pictures in Iceland to soaring in thermals in California!

35 minutes


Finding Wave in Tampa Bay (ep.6)

 On this episode, our guest is Bruce Patton from sunny Florida. Bruce is a tow pilot as well as a glider-pilot instructor. Today Bruce shares some of his unusual flights in Florida and other parts of the country. Bruce and Chuck talk about the pros and cons of commercial operations vs. club operations. Join us now for Episode 6 on Soaring The Sky ! 

30 Minutes


Grass Strips and Glass Ships (ep.5)

Meet Chris Snyder from the Merlin Soaring Association in Richmond, Virginia. Chris shares how he discovered gliders after flying powered aircraft and shares stories including what it was like buying his first glider.

31 Minutes


I found a thermal (ep.4)

 Join Chuck, our host, in this episode he talks about how his aviation story began and how this podcast got its wings. We also talk with Dan about glider simulators and their benefits. Join us now on Soaring the sky ! 

21 Minutes 


Cross winds Turbulence and Ridge running (ep.3)

 Join Dan as he shares his soaring adventures of a bumpy start and his first glider ride. We also discuss the importance of flight training and tips to get your aviation adventure off the ground.  

28 Minutes


Crop dusters, tail-dragers, and gliders (ep.2)

 Join Chris as he talks about his aviation adventure. We cover everything from his Air Force experience, to being a Young Eagles pilot, to towing gliders, and everything in between.

46 Minutes


Gary, a 30 year veteran glider pilot (Episode 1)

In this episode Gary, a glider pilot with over 30 years of experience, shares his story from his first landout to his adventure today. Gary is a professor as well as a pilot with a lot of knowledge to share!

21 Minutes