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Three Hours In

 On This Episode we head to England to talk with a new glider student who after years working around aviation has started his journey to Soar in Gliders. John Pickard started his interest long ago and shares why he is just now learning to fly and after just three hours of training can't wait for his next flight. Today we also bring you a bonus and check back with Clemens Ceipek about his recent flight over the Continental Divide for his Diamond badge ! All this today on Soaring The Sky episode 30!

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Turnpoints & Cloud Streets

 In this episode we join Jim Zombakis as he takes us on a journey Soaring in his first competition. He talks about the very important things you learn in your first race and how to have fun and stay safe while still being competitive. Jim is a powered Aviator as well as a Glider pilot. He also has his Silver badge completing all three requirements in one flight ! Also on this episode hear how Jim discovered Soaring and how he ended up landing out in a crop field. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky episode 29!


Gliding Open House

 On this episode we hit the road to Fairfield, PA for the Mid Atlantic Soaring group's open house. A full day of Soaring, Seminars, Music and Great Food. We chat with various people at different skill levels during a beautiful day of soaring. It's days like these that help introduce soaring to the community and keep the sport growing. On this episode we hear from Rich a flight instructor, Larry a student Pilot, Cheri from California, as well as Amy & Will who are first time flyers to the sport... launching episode 28 of Soaring the Sky!  


Cross Country Flights & Buying Your First Glider

On this episode we catch up with two guest pilots. Chris from Richmond Virginia has completed his first cross country flight and later in the episode Joe from Southern California gives his personal tips about the process of buying his first glider and his recent transition from double to a single-seater. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky episode 27!


Soaring with the Schweizer Family

 On this episode Paul Schweizer, of Schweizer aircraft, joins the podcast to share his personal journey and family story of how his father and two uncles taught themselves how to fly and how they started the Schweizer Aircraft company. He shares his personal experience soaring and nuances of the gliders that so many of us have trained in. Join us now to hear this exciting and interesting story about the Schweizer family and how it all started, now on episode 26 of Soaring The Sky!

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