Strong Thermals Big Sink

On this episode of the podcast Ines Engelhardt joins us. She is a competition glider pilot flying near Berlin Germany who has just returned from flying In the 2020 Women's World Gliding Championships. Today she talks to us about her aviation journey and her recent competition in Australia. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky. Episode 51



On this episode of the podcast we talk with Keith Schwab a glider pilot with a PhD in physics who didn’t always love flying in fact, While on a commercial flight crossing the Atlantic in some very extreme turbulence he found himself stuck in the bathroom gripping the handles that caused him to develop a serious fear of flying. Then something happened in 2014 while hiking one of the mountain peaks near Los Angeles that would change that fear and his path to aviation. later on this episode we will also discuss the opportunities for the soaring community to grow and possibly find a way to fund those that dream to soar. Episode 50


Soaring Namibia

On This episode we take a soaring journey with our guest pilot Gaetano Benicasa an airline pilot from Italy who also loves flying gliders. He just returned from Namibia Africa, one of the most spectacular soaring sites on the planet. He will share his story and we will learn why Namibia is such an amazing place to fly gliders but also the importance of taking precautions and staying safe flying in another part of the world. All this and more as we soar over Africa on Soaring The Sky. Gaetano wanted to share his email and the invitation for other pilots who want to fly in his part of the world to contact him.

Episode 49


Four Six Whiskey: My First Girlfriend

On this episode we talk with aviator David MacVeigh who will soon celebrate his first glider ride fifty years ago. Since then he has accumulated 1100 hours in gliders and 550 hours in powered. He also has 40 to 50 hours in ultralight aircraft. David also has some time in the air in hang gliders and paragliders. Join us now to hear his aviation journey on soaring The Sky ! Episode 48


Condor Soaring with Chris Wedgwood

On this episode we join Chris Wedgwood of Condor, the complete soaring simulator. Chris joins us from France to tell us how Condor got it's wings. He shares his journey with us and the journey of Condor and how it's helping to teach people to fly all over the globe and keeping pilots flying in the virtual cockpit when they can't be in the air. Join us now for this interesting and exciting interview now on Soaring The Sky. 

Episode  47


Boxing The Wake

On this episode a young aviator joins us to share his aviation journey. Connor shares with us how his interest in powered planes led him to gliders. Hear what happened when he was boxing the wake on his pre solo flight. Just one of his stories he shares. Later on this episode we take a look back at 2019 ! What a year it has been for the podcast ! All that and more now, on Soaring The Sky.

Episode 46


Glider Rides

On this episode of the podcast our guest is Scott Manley who discovered his love for gliders after he learned to fly powered. His aviation journey started even before he owned his first car. Our guest pilot holds a Commercial Airplane single engine land & sea and his Commercial Glider rating as well as being a Certified Glider Flight Instructor and Certified Tow pilot. Today he shares with us how his teaching background has helped him find a way to help students all over the world by teaching them to fly with flight simulators and never actually meeting them in person. He will also share with us his journey and adventures and the things he has learned in the air. All this and more now, on Soaring The Sky !

Episode 45 


Having A Blast Flying The Task

On todays episode we talk with Paul Remde who started his aviation adventure flying gliders in 1990. He holds all the FAI badge legs excluding the altitude badge. He has flown in many soaring contest and holds 10 Minnesota soaring records. He currently flys the DG-1000S. He will share with us what it’s like flying over the beaches of Hawaii and soaring over hump back whales then, flying from his club in Minnesota to Chicago. Our guest is the founder and owner of Cumulus Soaring and tells us how his love for soaring became his business. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky !

Episode 44


Land In The Dirt and You Won’t Get Hurt

On this episode of the podcast we head to Lake Keepit Australia home of the 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships to talk with  flight instructor Andrew White as he shares with us what it's like to catch a thermal and go up to 15,000 feet ! He also shares why it’s not a big deal to land out if your prepared and it’s part of your flight training. All this and more now as we go Soaring The Sky over Australia !

Episode 43


A Three Hour Tow

Our guest today is a glider pilot and instructor that has over 1250 flights with several hundred of those flying CAP cadets. He shares with us his adventures including, flying on tow for three hours and part of that flight being over the city of Chicago. Later on the podcast find out where our next guest joins us from next week. All that and more on this episode of Soaring The Sky ! Episode 42


Lava On The Runway

On this episode of the podcast we talk to a gentleman who discovered soaring through Paragliding. He tells us what it's like being under a canopy instead of being in the cockpit and shares with us how he discovered Gliders through VR and a Soaring Simulator. Also on this episode find out how he found himself face to face with a silverback Gorilla and lived to tell the story. All that and more now on Soaring The Sky ! Episode 41


Flying Both Ends of the Rope

On this episode of the podcast we chat with a glider pilot who just recently flew in his first Glider Aerobatic Competition and what it is like flying the extreme ends of the flight envelope in a aircraft with no engine. He also shares with us what it's like being a Tow Pilot as well as a glider instructor. Join us now for another great guest and aviation adventure now on Soaring The Sky ! Episode 40


A Party In The Sky

On this episode Isaiah joins us to tell us how he started his aviation journey at the age of three ! At the age of nine he was already volunteering at a local aviation museum. He later starts flying powered but soon discovers soaring. Hear his story as he shares it with us now on Soaring The Sky ! Episode 39


Crash Landing ?

On this episode our guest pilot shares with us some adventures of cross country flying out of the Minnesota Soaring Club . On one of his flights he has to explain that he did not crash ! Join us now for another soaring adventure and some great lessons on flying and great advice how to fly safer ! Now on episode 38 of Soaring The Sky ! Episode 38

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